China Lounge, one of the most authentic Sichuan restaurants in the Bay Area of California, is pleased to announce that Mr. Jian Li has been appointed General Manager of China Lounge, effective May 1, 2018.

Mr. Jian Li, reporting directly to Chairman of China Lounge, Mr. Lin Lu, is in charge of the overall management of the restaurant, including setting and completing annual business goals and plans, financial budget, personnel management, food production and marketing.

Mr. Jian Li has more than 20 years of working experience in restaurants. He is a well-known master chef in Sichuan cuisine. As the former head executive chef (deputy general manager level) of the famous Sichuan restaurant, "Precious" in Chengdu, China, Jian Li had repeatedly led his team of chefs to winning top culinary prizes in China. In 2014, Jian Li was transformed by "Precious" to the Bay Area to establish China Lounge in California. He worked as the kitchen manager of China Lounge, responsible for the overall operations for the back of the house. He brought authentic Sichuan cuisine to the United States and is loved and praised by customers.  China Lounge is especially known for its open kitchen, which customers can watch the chefs cooking through the transparent glass. China Lounge had become the most influential and respected Sichuan cuisine restaurant in the Bay Area.

Recognized as a rallying force, Mr. Jian Li is a natural leader appreciated by his teams and colleagues. His solid background in restaurants, extensive knowledge for food, excellent management skills will bring great success to the long-term growth of China Lounge.